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Q. How many litres can 1 disc treat?

A. We recommend 1 disc per 90 litres for good results, but this is dependant upon each situation. For instance if the water is nutrient rich in bright sunlight, algae growth will be prolific.  However the discs will carry on working and retarding the algae and microbes.


Q. We have a pond with green algae, will FreshaTank help?

A. Yes, FreshaTank kills all single cell organisms and will help keep algae down also planting nutrient sapping plants will help such as water hyacinths. FreshaTank will not kill blanket weed as it is multicellular.  The discs should be placed near a pump as the disc can only kill microbes/algae that come into contact with the disc.


Q. I have FreshaTank discs in my horse troughs but I am still getting algae, have they stopped working?

A. No, horses when drinking add a lot of grass to the water which feeds the algae.  Troughs have a high surface area to absorb sunlight which feeds the algae, for this reason we have developed FreshaTrough which has many hundreds of times more antimicrobial surface area than a disc.

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