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​How to Keep Water Butts Clean and Safe

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Garden water butts are a beneficial garden accessory, they can financially benefit homeowners due to reducing money bills during peak summer periods, they can be a means of a water meter and they can reduce rainwater runoff filling drains and septic tanks. The garden water tank does need a little maintenance now and then, just like any other garden accessory. However, this post is written to ensure a quick and efficient resolution at keeping your garden water butt clean and safe.

Exterior Water Butt Cleaner

The first thing we’ll look at is the outside of the water butt. It makes sense to clean the exterior of your water butt to stop grime building up and to help your garden look clean and tidy so the neighbours don’t start talking behind your back. Cleaning the exterior can simply be done with a strong scrubbing brush and some Jeyes Fluid or an environmentally friendly cleaner such as Bio-D Home and Garden Sanitiser. These products are only recommended for the outside of the water butt, as they will not benefit flower growth and are definitely not suited for drinking!

A clean exterior to your water butt is a fairly simple task that can be done in a few minutes with the right equipment and a bit of elbow grease. However, the trickier part of cleaning your water butt will come from the inside. Specifically, the actual water itself. In the next section we’ll cover a few products and methods you can use right now to keep your water butt clean.

Interior Water Butt Treatment and Cleaner

The water in a water butt is known to turn smelly and green from time to time, the cause of this can stem from multiple reasons. Water having that horrid smell can be caused by organic matter and debris in the butt itself. It is common for moss and leaves from gutters to enter the water tanks as water runs off shed roofs and into dirty gutters.

It is highly recommended to cover water butts, ensure lids are covering the water at all times. Not only does this stop debris directly entering the water butt, but it also stops the water from being exposed to sunlight. With sunlight being one of the main requirements for algae growth, this will avoid any unwanted green water. Additionally, remember to regularly clean areas where rainwater will run before entering the water butt itself. However, we know this sounds like a lot of cleaning, so instead you can add a mesh cover over gutters to help minimise cleaning. Or if you want to be extra cost effective, use an old pair of tights!

Another simple resolution on how to keep water clean and safe in the water butt can be managed by a water treatment such as Aquamidas’ FreshaTank. This is great for preventing scum and algae build-up in the water and is also great to help eliminate bad odours that might be caused by algae growth. In turn, taking a more proactive approach to the cleanliness of your water butt, such as this, helps to prolong the time before having to do the dreaded job of washing the interior. Additionally, creating a clean, healthy water will ensure that garden flowers and plants will bloom and not detriment their health or growth.

Products like FreshaTank are designed to raise the quality of the water and insure no imbalance of nutrients. Imbalances can cause the dreaded ‘green water’ and algae build up within the tank. The quality of the water will improve once the water treatment is added. It is a very simple way to solve the problem. FreshaTank is a small silver disc, which once placed in water it mimics the germicidal properties of real industry silver which can also be used in hot tubs and drinking water purifiers. To make the product even better, it is environmentally friendly and made from completely natural materials. Even the packaging considers the environment of course, this is 100% recycled and made from recyclable material.

So products like the FreshaTank are a great idea if you’re looking to prevent the problem before it becomes another job and it’s ideal to be used by itself or in conjunction with another product. It also lasts indefinitely and can be re-used in other tanks, so is one of the best value for money water butt treatments.

But what if the water is already unclean and unsuitable for use? Well then, it’s time for what we recommended to do around once a year - a deep clean! This is recommended as it helps to ensure there is no build up of unwanted materials and algae where you can’t see. A deep clean can be done with some elbow grease, a garden hose, or even better, a pressure washer.

Next time you fill the water tank up, think of adding a FreshaTank disc or another water butt purifier to keep the water clean and safe.

Water Butt Filter

If you want to go one step further to ensure clean water, then we recommend a filtration system. A filtration system can be attached to the water butts which removes contaminants such as dust, leaves and debris. The benefit of the water butt filters is to stop any blockages within the pipes or hoses. This will avoid any sludge at the bottom of the tanks, which will again avoid those unpleasant smells. We recommend products from specialists such as Guttermate or Freeflush.

Like we said before, it’s perfectly fine to use the FreshaTank with another water butt cleaner so if you’re looking to have the cleanest water butt on the street, we think a filter and any Aquamidas product is the may to go!

Final Thoughts

If you own a water butt that is used for watering your flowers or otherwise, keeping it clean is a priority, Whether it’s in need of a deep clean or just a little something to stop it smelling there are ways out there that will work for you. 


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