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How to Keep a Hot Tub Clean

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The problem of having dirty, cloudy hot tub water is something all hot tub owners face. This post is here to answer your questions. The post offers quick and easy explanations of the causes, how to fix the problem and finally, how to prevent the problem in the first place. The post suggests suitable ways to control the water within the hot tub and suitable solutions such as those from Aquamidas.

Cause of Cloudy and Foamy Hot Tub Water

Do you ever think to yourself: ‘why is my hot tub cloudy and foamy?’, or ‘how do I keep my hot tub clean?’ 

Well if you have it is important to understand the cause of your cloudy or green hot tub water, as obviously a green, cloudy hot tub is rather uninviting especially if you’re considering hosting guests.

The cause of the cloudy waters is a key indicator that there is an imbalance of chemicals, filtration and/or the circulation within the hot tub system. There can be multiple reasons why your hot tub is cloudy, and most likely difficult to identify exactly which one. One common cause for foamy hot tub waters are from cosmetic products on the skin and hair of the user. These hot tub foams can be from products such as hair gels, sprays and deodorants and skin lotions. There can also be several causes at one time, for example the cloudiness or foaminess could be as a result of dead algae, lack of sanitizer or particles suspended in the water.

So Lets Distinguish How to Keep Hot Tub Water Clear and Fresh

We have identified below some simple steps to keeping your hot tub water clean. They are recommendations that we believe are the best ways to avoid dirty hot tub water.

  • Examine Filters

Always check filters first before anything else if hot tub water is cloudy. Look for chemical and scale buildup and dirty cartridges. The ideal thing to do in this case is to soak the cartridges overnight in a filter cleaner and replace the next morning. If cartridges are beyond the point of cleaning, it would be wise to replace them completely and start fresh. Ideally, replace your hot tub filters yearly, they generally have a lifespan of around 12 months.

  • Check Filter Cycle Times

It would be advised to consult the manufacturer specialist before changing filter cycle times. However, another suggestion for hot tub water cleanliness, is running the filter on a continuous cycle between 8 and 12 hours.

  • Test Water for Chemical Levels

Testing your hot tub water with home testing strips and drop-style kits is recommended, however, to go the extra mile you could take you hot tub water to a pool store that has professional equipment. This will immediately give you results and whilst you’re there you can grab the necessary chemicals to ensure correct levels of sanitizer and pH levels.

  • Shock the Water

Especially if your hot tub water is green, shocking the water with either a granular chlorine or a hot tub water treatment such as Aquamidas FreshaTank or FreshaFlush. The benefit of this is to avoid any algae or organic debris buildup, that in time will cause the hot tub water to turn green or cloudy. Hot tub water treatment products such as FreshaTank provide an environmentally friendly design to ensure a high quality cleaning product for water. The product has strong microbial action as it includes 99.9% pure industrial silver which is used as a natural disinfectant preventing any microbial growth. This can provide a cheap and easy way to tackle green or cloudy water whilst also working with other solutions.

  • Use Clarifiers

Clarifiers work to coagulate and gather particles that are too small to be caught by the hot tub filters. By using a coagulate and gathering the particles, they stick together to form larger particles which do not pass through the hot tub filters, in turn removed from the water resulting in cleaner, fresher water. But, bare in mind that you should use clarifiers sparingly. If you use too much you may see the problem get worse.

  • Use a Foam Elimination Product

Hot tub water can go foamy in some circumstances, products such as Cleenly Hot Tub Foam Remover is suitable for removing the nuisance of foamy waters. These products are used after the foam is a problem, however it works effectively once applied to hot tub waters.

  • If All Else Fails, Empty the Hot Tub and Refill

Hopefully with the suggested recommendations above, you won’t need to empty and refill the hot tub if the water is cloudy or foamy from sitting. This should be a last resort, but is common if a hot tub has been sitting, therefore it is recommended every 3 to 4 months to change the water. This will avoid hot tub water going green, cloudy and foamy, all problems solved it one. We expect the small volume of water within hot tubs to withstand constant heat, incorporate bodily oils, sweat and cosmetics. So there’s no doubt that in time the water is due for a change and hot tub maintenance is expected to keep waters clear.

How to Stop Hot Tub Water Getting Cloudy and Green

Like with many water products, seeking a way to prevent the problem is much better than having to seek a fix after the problem has happened. There are some simple procedures you can do to prevent hot tub cloudiness, greening and foaming. To point out basic prevention would include ensuring covering the hot tub when not in use, even if it is inside.

To prevent against hot tub cloudiness and greening, adding enough sanitizers to the correct volume of the hot tub is very important. It is easy to ‘do it by eye’ or just add sanitizer here and there which will work but we’d recommend taking the time to do it properly. Additionally, using effective hot tub water treatments like Aquamidas FreshaTank will be ideal to prevent any algae growth causing green water.

Preventing your hot tub water going foamy can be achieved by understanding the effects of wearing cosmetics whilst in use and taking the necessary action mentioned above. The prevention method will result in a much simpler process to keep your hot tub water clean and should be enough to ensure you have a lot less trouble with the water and instead can just enjoy your hot tub. 


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