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Welcome to Aquamidas – High Quality Natural Water Treatment Products

About Aquamidas

Aquamidas create and develop products that are environmentally friendly and are totally made from natural materials.

All our products and packaging are made from recyclable material and ensure that we keep our carbon foot print to a minimum.

Our research team are constantly looking at ways to develop products that will make a real difference, avoiding the need for chemicals that will effect the environment.

High Quality Manufacturing

Aquamidas manufacture high quality Natural Water Treatment products that keep water fresh and pure for longer.

Rigorous testing

Rigorous testing ensures quality and value with up to the minute technology. All of our products are researched to give optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

Free Delivery

Aquamidas are currently offering free delivery, worldwide. Thank you for your business.

Fresha Tank

FreshaTank uses the same industrial silver as found in drinking water purifiers, hot tub filters and many medical items including burns victims.

FreshaTank is an anti-microbial product which is placed in a fish tank or waterbutt, the strong microbial action of the 99.9% pure industrial silver destroys fungal, viral, bacterial micro-organisms and parasites in the reproductive stage, this keeps fish healthier, prevents the spread of disease, reduces nitrates and bacteria levels. Ammonia levels are reduced along with phosphates and nitrates due to the reduced levels of bacteria in the water, however Freshatank does not replace the need for usual regular maintenance.

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Fresha Flush

Fresha Flush uses the same industrial silver as found in drinking water purifiers, hot tub filters and medical items including treatments on burns victims.

FreshaFlush uses the natural biocidal effects of real silver that, when immersed in water destroys germs including viruses, bacteria, fungus and water-borne diseases.

FreshaFlush gives a sterile, chemical free flush everytime. The ultra strong neodymium magnet crystalises limescale which prevents limescale forming on toilet surfaces. FreshaFlush is everlasting and very effective. FreshaFlush prevents the need for bleaching toilets, this has a great environmental impact.

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Fresha Flora

Freshaflora is an anti- microbial product which is placed in a flower vase. This eliminates the need for changing the water and allows the flower food to stay in the vase for the life of the flowers. The strong anti-microbial action of the 99.9% pure silver destroys fungal, viral and bacterial micro-organisms, this prevents premature rotting and degradation of the flower stems. This product extends flower life, reduces bolting and eliminates foul smelling water. This enhances the flower buying experience for consumers.

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